Looking to improve your camera skills and techniques, why not try one of my one-to-one or small group photography tutorials.
I have a wealth of knowledge that comes from more than three decades working as a professional photojournalist and travel photographer, plus 15 years of teaching photography to vastly diverse groups of people. I run the courses as one or two-day sessions, although longer can be arranged. With the one-to-one courses you will have my undivided attention while you work your way through not only the bells and whistles of your camera but also get to grips with the creative techniques that will vastly improve your photography. For the small group courses, it's the same but with the added bonus of buddy learning, a great advantage for some.
My stomping grounds for the courses are Central London and Greenwich, but other areas can also be accommodated, just keep in mind that any travel expenses beyond London will be on top of the course fees.
I can be reached on my email at djmckinlay@aol.com or by mobile on, 07932 856 905 or through the Get in Touch page, click on picture.

The colour is coming, just a few short weeks until all that beautiful autumn colour reveals itself. 
The perfect time to improve your camera skills.
Why not book early to guarantee a place on one of the courses.
We will mainly focus on the Royal Parks with their brilliant displays
of autumn colour, but we are by no means locked into only those locations.
Other areas can be arranged and explored, however,
depending on location additional costs may incur.​​​​​​​

Fees: One-to-One: One day, £175, two days, £250.
Group Rates:  One day, £125 per person, two days, £200 per person
Please note, the group tutorial is a minimum of two people and a maximum of five, six at a push.
Corporate clients welcome.
Happy Snapping!

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